Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homo Sex in Colonial America

From The Huffington Post
By Larry Kramer

No, there was no right word for it that you wanted to use for it if you were doing it. Buggery and sodomy connoted anal penetration and thus were, in many places, punishable by death.

That does not mean that men did not know they were gay (to use today's word), know what to do with their cocks, know when they were smitten with other men, know where to go to find them, know what it meant to get violently rejected, or the reverse, find a friend, in other words, the whole gestalt, to use another of today's terms. A penis has never been something that you pick up and put down and put away idly without consideration.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gay Kentucky Students: "You Can't Pee Here"

From The Advocate

May 04, 2009

By Michelle Garcia
Gay Kentucky Students:

Fifteen students protested outside a Frankfort, Ky., high school on Friday after an official allegedly sent a notification to teachers advising them to bar gay students from leaving class to use the restroom.

The reported e-mail was sent by Franklin County High School assistant principal Karen Buzard after two female students were reportedly seen kissing in a bathroom, according to the Kentucky Equality Federation.

A statement on the school's website says that students have not been singled out, but the directive was "that certain students should not be allowed to leave the classroom during class because they had been in violation of school rules. All students have time between classes to use the facilities."

Protesters waved rainbow flags and signs that read, "Honk if you're gay" and "We have a right to pee," the State-Journal reports.

Wayne Dominick, communications coordinator for the school district, said administrators are figuring out how to address students' concerns.