Thursday, December 4, 2008

Queer Art

Mary Coble
Untitled 3 (from Note to Self)
(P.S. she's teaching Basic Photo at MICA in the Spring!)

Tobaron Waxman
Identity art about being trans and a Jew

S.D. Holman
Stealing Masculinity
Look at the whole series, I didn't want to include it all but it's really interesting

Molly Landreth
Embodiment: A Portrait of Queeer Life in America
There are some beautiful portraits, take a look

Clarissa Sligh
from the book Wrongly Bodied Two
"Wrongly Bodied Two (2004) weaves together the stories of two people. One chronicles Jake’s modern day evolution from female to male. His experience is juxtaposed with that of Ellen Craft, a 19th century black woman who escapes slavery by passing as a white man."


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