Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah's Puppets in Bmore Pride Parade

Thank all of you so much!

Nine days ago the skies cleared up and a beautiful group of youth and
young adults came together to march (and almost fly away in some cases!)
in Baltimore's pride parade.

Thank you to the many wonderful people who participated and helped make
this day great. (From creating something beautiful, to assisting when
strong winds blew, to u-hauling dyke-hunks with minivans and trucks who
schleped all the big stuff down there, and those far away for sending well
wishes via text!)

Here is a short video produced by metro weekly that some of our group is
featured in!

Check out some pics I posted on flickr.

There are more photos that other people took of us and posted as well if
you search something like pride parade baltimore 2009 you'll find them.

It was so great to be supported by friends near and far, new and dear.

Much love,

PS If you weren't there and didn't get to hear or talk to us this is some
of what you can expect from the pics.

Mike White II- can be seen wearing a giant self conceptualized and
designed sculpture of a door with working hinge that features many quotes,
photos and scenes of ways to get out there and get involved. Mike also
created a flyer he handed out targeting youth and young adults to fight
apathy, be active, and get involved.

Ryen Davis - in fresh off the run way haute couture Egyptian-inspired
retina blinding tin foil silver glitter love fest!

Sylvia Rivera Puppet- a glittering example of fighting for Transgender
rights was a puppet of Stonewall Veteran Sylvia Rivera, fresh out of the
bar and into the street with a highheel raised high and pointedly aimed
with the other hand in a tight fist. co-created by Guy and Sarah.

None other than the Pope- fresh back from his trip to Africa the Pope had
some time to come to his senses on his transatlantic flight after the
liberal media and HIV activists blasted him for telling his followers not
to use condoms and the use of them could actually increase your chance of
contracting HIV. but in a world of hope, change and possibility the Pope
changed his mind, came to Baltimore and to march in gay pride and brought
an alter boi to hand out 1,000 free condoms.

Beautiful youth designed and stenciled signs and buttons created in Becca
DiMeo's Healthy Relationships and Sexuality class at Kids on the Hill! Big
props to our straight allies!

and lots of helping hands holding down the puppets as they threaten to fly
away, a cardboard suit, plenty of mustaches and rainbow ribbon to go
around, 10ft span of rainbow butterfly wings that had to be abandoned...


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