Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Queer Activists Chain Themselves to the New York Marriage Bureau

Last week, we were talking a lot about activism and apathy towards the very real problems that are facing the world. For some of us, the never-ending list of things we need to fix is overwhelming and stops us from going out and doing anything. Where are the angry people that will go out do the radical things that will get attention and spark discussion?

Well, a couple days ago, after 20 same-sex couples were rejected marriage licenses by the New York Marriage Bureau four activists chained themselves to the building, blocking the entry. They were arrested. Following the rejection of the same-sex couples, a lesbian and a gay man applied to be married and were approved as a couple for a marriage license. In protest, between 50 – 100 marriage equality supporters held a rally across the street.

Anyway, I know these activists aren’t our age, but it’s nice to know that there are angry people out there fighting for rights. And remember, it’s really important to remember to exercise the rights that you do have, because if you don’t, they will be taken away from you.

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WritersChoices said...

I feel like older people are always more willing to be arrested. I was at an antiwar rally and it was all significantly older people crossing the line to get arrested.




Maybe its just not in our culture to be willing to put ourselves out there so much. Maybe thats not such a good thing...