Saturday, April 10, 2010

Queer Film Night

Thanks everyone who came to queer film night! It was awesome.
For those who didn't, here are the films we ended up seeing:

1. My Own Private Idaho
This was directed by Gus van Sant in 1991 and is based on two Shakespeare plays. It's about two best friends who are hustlers, living in Portland. They embark on a journey of self discovery and address their relationship. River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves are the main actors in it. One thing I really enjoyed about this film were the sex scenes. They were snapshots that looked like old master paintings of people. Just really beautiful composition and light.

2. La Cage Aux Folles
This film, produced in 1978 was the original Birdcage. It literally translates to the The Cage with the Crazy Ones (or something like that...). The basic plot is about a gay couple who own a gay/drag nightclub. Their son, Laurent is hoping to marry a girl with conservative parents, so his fathers are forced to pretend they aren't gay. This movie was funny, and it's weird seeing the similarities to the more recent version.

So, if anyone is interested, feel free to check them out!

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